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Liberals are tolerant and respectful of difference

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Liberals are tolerant and respectful of difference  Liberals are tolerant and respectful of difference
       Long history of supporting equality  Long history of supporting equality


True dat

I agree.

Comment by: timcgill At: 2006-11-03 00:19:14

Re: node: Liberals are tolerant and respectful of difference

Alas no, not any more. The liberals I grew up admiring certainly were, but Progressivism today is at least as narrow-minded and intolerant as the religious Right.

Today's liberals and conservatives are intolerant _differently_: the former label you for what you think whereas the latter label you for who you are. Tell a conservative you are gay and s/he will assume you are a selfish hedonist; tell a liberal that you are uncertain about (never mind opposed to) legal abortion or affirmative action and s/he will assume you are opposed to human dignity and personal freedom.

Comment by: Paul Botts At: 2006-12-20 20:22:19

Re: comment: Re: node: Liberals are tolerant and respectful of d

This seems to be the case. These days, conservatives are no longer conservatives in the true sense of the word, limited gov't, adhering to the constitution, fiscally responsible, no social programs thus keeping taxes low, etc. The whole political spectrum has slowly shifted to the left, conservatives being mild liberals, and liberals being more extreme in their socialist agenda. Republicans no longer represent true conservatism. We were guaranteed a republican form of government. A true conservative recognizes that our rights come from our creator, whatever we believe that to be, and that the purpose of gov't is to protect our rights, as written in the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution is a gov't charter that limits the general governments power, and is a contract between the states and the general gov't. Liberals and most republicans do not respect or tolerate these founding documents which protect us from our own gov't. The trend toward world gov't and our own Nort American Union is a sure sighn of this.

Comment by: danibal006 At: 2007-08-15 11:03:45

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