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Information addiction breaks families

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Information addiction breaks families  Information addiction breaks families
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Cell phones help keep parents in better contact with kids

Many cellular providers are marketing phones for kids that are specifically designed to keep parents in closer contact with their children. These phones are limited to dialling/receiving calls from parents or emergency contacts

Comment by: Ulysses Berman At: 2006-12-13 14:02:40

Information/technology are core contexts children must master

Cellular telephones, the internet, social and professional online networks, blogs, and other forums such as this site, represent significant components of the personal, professional, and business market place that our children are growing up in and into. As parents, it is critical for us to keep our families intact, our children safe, yet at the same time support and enable the development of these important skill sets, which we ourselves may have some challenges with.

Comment by: JTBergeron At: 2008-03-01 11:49:55

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