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Liberals challenge their own and others belief systems

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Liberals challenge their own and others belief systems  Liberals challenge their own and others belief systems
       Truths must change based on new information  Truths must change based on new information
       Liberals are skeptical of censorship  Liberals are skeptical of censorship


It's tough to do.

It is a great ideal of liberals, but I am afraid that it is difficult for any human to always keep the mind open.

Comment by: timcgill At: 2006-11-03 00:21:43

We are human, with our own frailties

Implicit in these "Stone propositions" theses is that liberals do X, whereas conservatives don't.

That said, I think that the fact that liberals recognize such faults in themselves, and often feel guilt over those faults, reinforces the proposition.

Comment by: Ulysses Berman At: 2006-11-03 15:15:03

Re: node: Liberals challenge their own and others belief systems

Not today they don't, no. Today's liberals believe their own belief system to be obviously-correct and all others to be either insufficiently evolved (if outside the U.S.) or rooted in oppression of those not in power (if inside the U.S.).

For example liberals are utterly baffled by the fact that some American voters are provably willing to vote on the basis of social issues over economic issues. Since Progressive dogma holds that economic self-interest is all that matters, the fact that millions of Americans disagree results in books like "Blame It On Kansas": socially-conservative voters have been "conned" into voting against the only interests that really count, namely economic ones. That the persistent election results might call into question that core liberal belief is never seriously considered.

Note that none of this is to suggest that today's conservatives are any more willing to challenge their own belief systems, I'm simply responding to the argument as posed.

Comment by: Paul Botts At: 2006-12-20 20:30:32

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