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Argument: Argument thesis  Evolution is just a theory
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Parent Node: Node supports parent assertion  Evolution is mathematically impossible
Node Text: Time requires change in order to exist.

Without change there can be no way to measure time. Any acceptance of the existence of continuous time implies an acceptance of the existence of continuous change. This implies that things were different in the past and will be different in the future.
In order for living organisms to survive in a changing environment they must also change - just ask a Dodo.
Changes to living organisms that make them less suitable for their environments are less likely to be passed on to offspring due to the parents' lower chances of success at reproduction - and the inverse applies.
And to the God lovers - surely a God that can design things that evolve is a smarter God than one who can't?
Node Created: justageezer — 2010-02-08 04:10:31

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