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Argument: Argument thesis  Outing of Valerie Plame was a criminal act
Node type: Node refutes parent assertion  This node refutes its parent
Parent Node: Node refutes parent assertion  Plame's identity was well-known in Washington D.C.
Node Text: Contradicted by CIA referral to DOJ

"The standard list of information, approved in 1969 by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, that the Justice Department required the CIA to provide before deciding to pursue a criminal investigation into the leak of a covert operative's name.

5. The extent of official dissemination of the data.

6. Whether the data has been the subject of prior official releases.

7. Whether the prior clearance for publication or release of the information was sought from proper authorities.

8. Whether the material or portions thereof or enough background data has been published officially or in the press to make an educated speculation on the matter possible.

10. Whether declassification had been decided upon prior to the publication or release of the data."
Node Created: coolgeek — 2007-03-05 22:04:29

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