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Argument: Argument thesis  All prisoners, including those at Guantanomo, deserve a habeus corpus hearing.
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Parent Node: Node supports parent assertion  If the person deserves to be detained, then show the evidence to an impartial jury.
Node Text: 38 Guantanamo detainees already recognized as noncombatants

The 38 former Guantanamo detainees who've been found to be no longer enemy combatants by tribunal hearings — the closest the military has come to admitting that it detained some innocent men — were flown out of Cuba with nothing but the clothes on their backs and assorted items such as copies of the Quran and shampoo bottles that the U.S. military issued to them.

"It's particularly deplorable that none of the 38 NLECs have been compensated, since the U.S. has officially recognized that they weren't 'enemy combatants,' even under the broad U.S. definition," said Joanne Mariner, the terrorism and counterterrorism program director at Human Rights Watch.
Node Created: coolgeek — 2008-06-20 13:51:16

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