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Argument: Argument thesis  Creationism is pure faith and defies reason.
Node type: Node refutes parent assertion  This node refutes its parent
Parent Node: Node refutes parent assertion  The biblical account of genesis is inconsistent with science
Node Text: The creation account of Genisis is not inconsistent with science

1. I can't even refute this statement, due to lack of an actual statement! You've supported 0% of your argument point here. Petitio principii.

2. This is simply not true. The word "day" in the Genesis creation account has three meanings in Hebrew:
1. A 12 hour period, 2. A 24 hour period, and 3. A period of time defined by two distinct events.

The third one makes the most sense and fits in well with Science.
Node Created: J-Luck — 2008-08-07 21:45:15

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