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Argument: Argument thesis  Evil exists so that Free Will may be maintained
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Node Text: Evil is the contrast needed to understand Good

Light in a vacuum is undifferentiated; when Dark is added it becomes visible. Without suffering, can joy be great? Is peanut butter nearly so good on a sandwich without jelly? (ok, skip that last example)

God gave us all Free Will not so that we may commit Evil, but so that we can grow up and learn to be whole human beings by learning from our difficult situation here in Creation. Some of us may blindly commit Evil at every turn. But most of us gravitate towards Good, learning all along.

Whatever God's plan, if our desire is to know God then it is also to know God's love and therefore to avoid Evil.

God is teaching us how to Love.
Node Created: dbmartin00 — 2008-08-11 20:14:46

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