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Argument: Argument thesis  Global Warming is of human origin
Node type: Node refutes parent assertion  This node refutes its parent
Parent Node: Node supports parent assertion  This increase in atmospheric CO2 has created a "greenhouse effect."
Node Text: The modern increase of global temperatures cannot be attributed to the increase of atmospheric CO2.

At 20 ppm, CO2 makes the atmosphere essentially opaque to those infrared wavelengths. Doubling the level of CO2 to 40 ppm increases the heating effect by 20%. Increasing it from 40 ppm to 80 ppm increases the heating effect by 7%. Continuing to increase the concentration of CO2 results in smaller and smaller increases in the heating effect. Over the last 200 years, the atmospheric CO2 concentration has risen from 280 ppm to 385 ppm. But the increase in heating by going from 280 ppm to 385 ppm is negligible.
Node Created: geniusiknowit — 2008-08-17 12:25:47

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