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Argument: Argument thesis  Abramoff scandal is a Republican scandal
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Node Text: Many conservatives admit it's a Republican scandal

"The GOP now craves such bipartisan cover in the Jack Abramoff scandal. Republicans trumpet every Democratic connection to Abramoff in the hope that something resonates. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.), took more than $60,000 from Abramoff clients! North Dakota Democratic Sen. Byron Dorgan used Abramoff's skybox! It is true that any Washington influence peddler is going to spread cash and favors as widely as possible, and 210 members of Congress have received Abramoff-connected dollars. But this is, in its essence, a Republican scandal, and any attempt to portray it otherwise is a misdirection."

MR. BLANKLEY: Look, taking the -- (inaudible) -- out, I have to agree with Eleanor. Republicans shouldn't fool themselves. This is going to be a Republican probably only prosecutorial scandal. Now, there are a lot of members on both sides of the aisle in both houses who have taken money, but it may be legal and ethical. They may have political problems. The legal problem -- this is early to tell, but my hunch is there may be approximately six Republican congressmen.
Node Created: Ulysses Berman — 2006-01-10 16:46:38

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