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Embeddable Argument Diagrams

An exciting feature of Honest Argument is the ability to put Argument Diagrams on any website, including yours.

Obviously, this will be of greatest value to the individual Argument Administrators - they get to display the fruits of their labor on their own sites, for the benefit of their own readers. But any Argument Diagram can be placed on any site by anbody.

Here is an an example of what an Argument Diagram will look like on another site, in this case a Blogspot blog. This is indeed an actual Argument on the Honest Argument site.

It behaves similarly to Argument Diagrams on the Honest Argument site, but accesing the extended node text opens a new browser window to Honest Argument so your readers don't leave your site.

The technology behind this is simply an image map. Every Argument Diagram page contains a link to "Put this argument on your site!" Clicking that link will take you to a page with a code listing that you can cut and paste into your own site.

Additional notes:

Finally, although image maps are a mature technology, our testing of this has not been extensive. We have only yet encountered one issue, and for that we recommend that you not attempt any formatting of the image map text that you paste into your page - simply paste the "blob" of text as is.

As such, do not hesitate to contact us if you should have a problem with your site.

We hope that you will find this feature useful for yourself and your users!

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