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Science Global Warming is of human origin geniusiknowit
Politics The War in Iraq is a success J-Luck
Science Evolution is just a theory smartypants
Taxes/Tax Policy Stay at home parents should receive a federal tax credit joetab24
Religion A personal God does not exist kuzyk
Religion Creationism is pure faith and defies reason. smartypants
Religion "Soul" = "Immaterial phenomenon associated with the human body" mdkarkowsky
Economics Capitalism is the only force capable of preventing warfare Ulysses Berman
Politics Abortion should remain legal, but only in certain circumstances joetab24
Economics U.S. farm subsidies should be restricted to small, independent farms Ulysses Berman
Politics History has shown liberals to be the greatest suppressors of individual power Ulysses Berman
Law Sarah Palin abused her office in the Troopergate scandal Ulysses Berman
Politics ACORN is committing voter fraud to ensure Obama's election Ulysses Berman
Politics Barack Obama should be elected U.S. President in 2008 Ulysses Berman
Foreign Policy U.S. is fighting the terrorists in Iraq instead of elsewhere Ulysses Berman
Politics Sarah Palin will help John McCain win the 2008 election Ulysses Berman
Politics Joe Biden will help Barack Obama win the 2008 election Ulysses Berman
Politics GOP engaged in campaign of vote and voter suppression coolgeek
Law US citizens should have easier access to concealed weapons licenses J-Luck
Politics John McCain should be elected U.S. President in 2008 Ulysses Berman
Politics Barack Obama cannot win the 2008 Democratic nomination for President Ulysses Berman
Law The USA should dissolve and embrace individualist anarchy geniusiknowit
Religion Evolution does not preclude the existence of God coolgeek
Politics Liberals believe that citizens are the governors, not the subjects of government Ulysses Berman
Religion Evil exists so that Free Will may be maintained dbmartin00
Sports Sugar Ray Robinson is the greatest boxer, pound for pound J-Luck
Politics English should become America's national language J-Luck
Politics Environmentalists are responsible for our dependence on foreign oil smartypants
Foreign Policy The U.S. needs to institute a military draft immediately. Craig Upton
Politics President Bush should not be impeached coolgeek
Law U.S. should legalize marijuana coolgeek
Politics Republican is the party of freedom. smartypants
Politics Bush administration misused DoJ to advance GOP interests coolgeek
Politics The UN should take over in Iraq revisingproust
Economics Social Security should not be privatized smartypants
Foreign Policy Iraq had no deployable WMDs when the U.S. invaded in 2003 Ulysses Berman
Politics Karl Rove, Josh Bolton, and Harriet Miers should be arrested and jailed for contempt of congress. smartypants
Foreign Policy The Bush administration lost the war in Iraq coolgeek
Foreign Policy U.S. cannot withdraw from Iraq until it is stabilized Ulysses Berman
Science Humans are not the endpoint of evolution coolgeek
Law The US Constitution contains an implied right to privacy that applies to all citizens joetab24
Law All prisoners, including those at Guantanomo, deserve a habeus corpus hearing. joetab24
Law NSA warrantless wiretapping is illegal Ulysses Berman
Social Policy American teachers unions are an obstacle to education reform joetab24
Politics A John McCain presidency will be like a 3rd term for Bush smartypants
Science Evolution and Creationism are not mutually exclusive smartypants
Politics The American public is conservative by nature Ulysses Berman
Law All voting machines should have a paper trail libertarian89
Law U.S. Electoral College should be replaced by popular vote Ulysses Berman
Foreign Policy The media lost the war in Iraq coolgeek
Politics GOP "voter fraud" claims are themselves fraudulent coolgeek
Politics Obama is not a patriot Ulysses Berman
Religion Roman Catholic Church must adapt to the modern age misilber
Social Policy It's more progressive to recognize differences than insist on equality revisingproust
Law John McCain is violating campaign finance laws Ulysses Berman
Social Policy U.S. needs to wean itself from oil dependency Ulysses Berman
Foreign Policy Saddam Hussein's Iraq had no working relationship with Al Qaeda Ulysses Berman
Foreign Policy Iraqi society is too broken to readily accept democracy coolgeek
Social Policy Current immigration policy is harmful to the American working class Grace
Foreign Policy U.S. should normalize relations with Cuba coolgeek
Politics Clinton should concede the 2008 Democratic nomination coolgeek
Politics Hillary Clinton cannot win election as President of the U.S. Ulysses Berman
Law NSA warrantless wiretapping can be rationalized Ulysses Berman
Economics Hong Kong will not unite with China under a socialist economy Grace
Foreign Policy U.S. can still salvage the Iraqi state Ulysses Berman
Politics Libby should not be pardoned for his crimes coolgeek
Politics Giuliani cannot win the 2008 Republican nomination for President coolgeek
Law Outing of Valerie Plame was a criminal act coolgeek
Politics Bush administration staff improperly involved in U.S. Attorney firings coolgeek
Politics U.S. Attorneys serve at will of President coolgeek
Politics Republican support for the military is little more than rhetoric coolgeek
Miscellaneous MMA is the best hand to hand combat system to date J-Luck
Politics Liberals believe government must respect and affirmatively safeguard the liberty, equality and dignity of each individual Ulysses Berman
Miscellaneous MMA is the next step of martial arts evolution J-Luck
Health/Medicine The HPV vaccine should be given to girls as young as 11 years old Ulysses Berman
Politics Bush will not seek bipartisan solutions with the Democratic Congress Ulysses Berman
Politics Peace protests are naive and ineffective Ulysses Berman
Politics There is no War on Christmas Ulysses Berman
Law Congress’ authority to determine the jurisdiction of courts is a threat to the separation of powers Ulysses Berman
Technology Information addiction breaks families Philip Jones
Politics The proposed Clinton candidacy reflects a failure of leadership in the Democratic Party. Horofan
Law The 17th Amendment to the US Constitution should be repealed. Quincy
Politics 2006 Democratic gains a repudiation of Bush administration and Republican party Ulysses Berman
Politics Abramoff scandal is a Republican scandal Ulysses Berman
Politics Liberals believe courts have a special responsibility to protect individual liberties Ulysses Berman
Miscellaneous Rush Limbaugh has little standing to question others morality Ulysses Berman
Politics Liberals believe government has a fundamental responsibility to help those who are less fortunate. Ulysses Berman
Politics Liberals believe government should never act on the basis of sectarian faith Ulysses Berman
Miscellaneous The masses are incabable of determing what is right. wethion
Politics Liberals believe individuals have a right and a responsibility to participate in public debate Ulysses Berman
Politics Liberals are tolerant and respectful of difference Ulysses Berman
Politics Liberals challenge their own and others belief systems Ulysses Berman
Sports Changes to NHL are overreaching scottdoc
Sports The Philadelphia Eagles have already seen their best years under Reid and McNabb Ulysses Berman
Technology The VW engine of 25 years ago is still unmatched. wethion

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