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New Node Types

There are two new Node types to note. Stylistically, they track closely with the existing Node types, so there should be little confusion.

Both represent Nodes that link to an independent Argument.

supporting node, redirecting to another argument
refuting node, redirecting to another argument

In the context of an Argument where you encounter an arrow, it should be viewed within that argument as a normal supporting or refuting assertion toward its parent. A green arrow represents a supporting assertion that links to a new Argument, red represents a refuting assertion that links to a new Argument.

When you click through an arrow Node to the full Node text, you will have the option of returning to the current Argument or clicking through to the independent Argument represented by the Node.

The two obvious reasons for introducing this change are to:

For now, the ability to spawn independent Arguments off from existing Arguments is reserved to Site Managers. However, the ability to include existing Arguments as components of larger Arguments will be available to all Argument Moderators shortly.

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