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Argument Requests are Arguments that users would like to see, but don't have enough knowledge to create or maintain on their own. If one of these falls into your area of interest or expertise, please consider creating the Argument. You only need to start out with a couple of supporting or refuting assertions. Once you have created the Argument (and it has been voted through), other users can add nodes to it.

If you don't like the way that the Argument is phrased, argue the opposite. It doesn't matter which way you argue. Since we look to map complete Arguments, each Argument inherently comprises its opposite.

There are currently 6 Argument Requests.

CategoryRequestRequested by
LawDecriminalize ALL recreational drugs Portugal ModelFrankus
MiscellaneousThe Death of Marilyn Monroe was a homicideAnonymous
Health/Medicinearguing for screening embryos for genetic disorderssuzannaf
EconomicsAnother bailout Debacle (AIG)mikee672
Miscellaneoushelp stop world pollutionArgumentiveDebater

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